Thursday, September 8, 2011

Worms love lasagna.

The Lasagna Garden method, that is....

In the '70's we called it Sheet Composting.   The current trendy phrase is Lasagna Garden...   Built in layers as you would do lasagna,,, and YES, worms love tomato sauce!

I just did a batch, but, alas, no pics...   There was an unused section of my garden that was knee deep in weeds and quack grass.   I pulled it all out y the roots and left it on the surface.   Then a layer of cardboard and office paper.   Nothing shredded, just a thick layer of paper products.   Then I added a bunch of spoiled veggies that I collected.   Tomatoes, vines, pumpkins, etc.  Then, I mowed the lawn and buried it  all in grass clippings.

This is first week of September and it will (did) get a good soaking form the hurricane and then start to percolate.   That hot phase will take a few weeks and then the worms from below and nearby will move in to work on the contents through fruition.   I'm putting a Solexx cold frame over it to extend the season...   That I should be able to get a pic of.

The result should be a 6'x8' raised bed with NO WEEDS! (since everything on the surface will have been hot composted) and many pounds of worm castings.

Tune in soon to see our next articles about Wintering your Worms.

Thanks for reading, Critter

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