Saturday, April 23, 2011

Applying worm castings in your garden

April 11th - Applying Worm Castings to your garden in spring!

Details are below and more detail at

This is the perfect time of year to apply liberal quantities of worm castings to your garden beds! We are posting a slide show of our application, along with compost and coir, at or blog

We raked out the surface of the garden beds, added 2-4 inches of unsifted compost over the beds and then added 5 - 10 gallons of castings to each bed. A 6x6 or latger bed gets 10 gallons of castings. The castings are dumped over the compost and will be untouched until the next rain (tonight) mixes the two together Then we will cover with a couple inches of coir to serve as a mulch, hold moisture, and give a nice appearance to all the beds which are visable from the road.

We have added our fresh castings to the website at the CASTINGS PAGE.

Enjoy the day, Critter


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