Saturday, March 19, 2011

Out of winter.

I am so far behind in writing... let me do some catching up.

My worm system is pretty dormant through winter.   I ususlly move many to my basement, but didn't get that far in the fall.   Will check the basement beds soon and see how they are doing.

Worms go into a dormant state at temperatures below 50deg f.   As long as they don't freesze solid they hibernate until now.   In my garden today I turned over a lasagna bed and it's LOADED with worms, and not all babies.   One of my compost beds is mostly coffee grounds.   About 18 inches deep.   Turning that over I found thousands of worms, so the snow cover definitely kept the layered beds from freezing too bad.

This week being St Patricks day, I planted Peas!    I put my new greenhouse over one ot the lasagna gardens and sunk it in about 4inches into the bedding.   Planted bush beans along the east, south and west sides about 3" apart.   I'm not great at going back and thinning them out, so I just gave them some extra space.

Along the south wall of the GH i put a second row of peas about 12" out and planted onion sets between those two rows of peas.   Then another row of onions another foot south .   There are couple rows of onions in another bed up the hill a bit that went in last week.

My last two weeks of "coming out of winter" is captured on photos in my albums.   Click the highlighted prases to view the slide shows.

Now that we're pretty much past the single digit temps the worm cocoons from last fall are hatching and they'll be looking for food or moving out of the raised beds.  Tomorrow I'll go out to the beds that were't layered up in the fall and put a 4-6" layer of compost over them.   That will give the worms plenty to eat and turn into castings during the next month or 6 weeks before we start putting out the more tender summer crops.

If you look back to my story from August when I had NO worms in an onion patch, remember that they need food or they will leave.   Load them up now!

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