Friday, January 28, 2011

Is January gone?

Can this be true!  Has it been a month since I've posted anything?  Wowser...

Here's my recent discovery, thanks to the Ex who brought something home from the Farm Show...

Water Beads!   A gelatine like bead product which absorbs 600 times it's weight in water ( I made and weighed 30 some batches to measure this.)  The material is a polymer, non-toxic (I have the MSDS to proove it) that has been available to florists for years, preserving cut flowers.  

I started trials of stem cuttings and house plants growing in these beads.   Will post photos shortly.   Today I planted broccoli seeds in several combinations of water beads and Peat moss to see if the water retention keeps them moist thru germination and early growth.  

In one set of starter pots I cut the beads open and tried to insert the seeds... clumsy at best.   Will post results soon.

If you have any experience with this prodduct, please share your thoughts.

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