Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Feedback from cannabis growers


Cannabis Greenhouse

[marijuana budding under Solexx Greenhouse covering] Cannabis Growers Choose Solexx

Since Solexx was developed in the late 1980’s Cannabis growers have been drawn to Solexx. Since those early days; growers have inquired,  trialed and succeeded in growing a successful crop of marijuana in a greenhouse covered by Solexx. Often the benefits of growing in a Solexx covered house were spread by word of mouth or via an anonymous internet post. The world has changed, and we have create this page so you can learn about the value of using Solexx to cover your Cannabis greenhouse directly from the manufacturer of Solexx, Adaptive Plastics.

Some of the more common reasons why Cannabis growers have chosen Solexx:

Diffused light for more uniform plant growth
More usable growing space – no hot spots, shadows or plant stress
Holds up in heavy snow, wind and hail
Excellent high insulation factor covering to save on energy costs
Qualifies for utility rebates due to high R-value
Transluscent covering – increased security and privacy
No reduction in light transmission over life of covering
Versatile – can be installed on any style of greenhouse
Quick return on investment
Covering warranted for 10 years, spend more time growing and less time doing maintenance

Give us a call or email us to learn more about Solexx, obtain a sample and get a personalize quote for your greenhouse.

Solexx Technical Guide

Medical Marijuana Cultivators Say “YES!” to Solexx

“What if I told you there is a product out there that not only provides privacy for your outdoor garden, but does so while providing unsurpassed growth comparable to that of HID lighting (without the hefty power bill). Would you believe me? I invite you to take a look at a product called Solexx.

[Growing Cannabis in a Solexx covering Greenhouse] Solexx works for MMJ cultivators in numerous ways. Like most other greenhouses, it provides an impressive degree of insulation to keep your plants warm and dry. Forget about the wind, rain, snow, or cold fronts; a properly constructed Solexx greenhouse is durable and will allow you to provide optimum protection from the elements.

But why use Solexx over other greenhouse material? The answer is light diffusion. Solexx is constructed with twin-walls that are ribbed to break direct sunlight down into diffused light. For you fair skinned growers out there; have you ever gone to the beach on a foggy day and came home with a sunburn, even though the sun never even came out? Solexx technology works in the same way by breaking up direct light so that the leaves in your top canopy no longer do all the work for the rest of the plant freeloading in the shadows below. Solexx’s removal of shade in your greenhouse results in massive photosynthesis taking place at all levels of your canopy resulting in more energy conversion for nutrient processing, thus, providing you with superior growth over direct light.

As a MMJ cultivator it is hard to deny privacy and optimum growing conditions, after all most of us spend a small fortune in providing our plants with an optimum medium and nutrients for our plants to grow in, so why not provide your plants with optimum lighting conditions as well? You may learn more about Solexx by visiting their website www.Solexx.com or www.AdaptivePlastics.com.”

- GreenWolfe

[Cannabis greenhouse cultivation] “I know how marijuana growers think….Why change what works. If I risk it and it fails, I stand to lose a lot. It took me a second to take that plunge to recover my greenhouse because at the time there was nothing for me to see to compare the Solexx to. I just had to risk it and go for it….I am very glad I did. Solexx gets the job done from vegging and budding to finish. The plant quality is just as good under the Solexx but with many more benefits over the poly solution. You get the benefits of a steady glow with no hotspots from the sun, the insulating factor is WAY better, it’s a stiffer more durable cover for your greenhouse, not as easily damaged, and a single puncture is not going to make you lose your entire insulating factor, unlike the 2 ply poly method where one single hole deflates your entire top. There are many benefits of the Solexx plastic over poly or any other covering you could use. You guys have a very high quality product.”

- S&A Medical Gardens

Monday, November 14, 2016

Wrapping up the season.

For a casual garden year, this was super.  Lots of tomatoes.  Still picking the last of the green ones, although there are still blossoms on the vines.  Herbs of Oregano and Thyme are still shooting uo new growth.  Basil is about finished.  I freeze the Basil but dry the others.

Tools:  A couple weeks ago I picked up a Troy-Bilt Shredder/chipper/vacuum nearby for about $250. Self propelled and eats anything.  The company is out of business but parts afe available on ebay and such.  I just ordered a chipping blace.  This thing shreds leaves into dust.  I have even removed the shredding ring to allow more vaccuum suction and things are pulverized.  Makes for fast composting and minimal hauling of leaves out to the heap.  Self-propelled is a good thing.

I am going to experiment with Mycorrhizae next year.  I just re2quested a sample set from Aurora Inovations.   Orgainc!  Midro-organisms that attach to the plant roots and help colect moisture and nutrients.  Should be interesting.  I think their focus market is marijuana growers...  Ever been to Legget CA?  Interesting place.

Happy Gardening!


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Indoor Gardening and composting.

Nature's Footprint Catalog link <<<

If you read through this blog you will be learning about, among other things, the concept of using worm castings as your best fertilizer, completely organic and provided by nature.   Fortunately, you can obtain castings from your own worm farm right in your home or garage and, in the process, eliminate smells in your kitchen waste can while you recycle food scraps and paper.

We sell all of the items listed (above) in the "Nature's Footprint" catalog on our online store www.CompostCritter.com <<<

I highly recommend the Worm Factory 360, which I have used for about 10 years and have here in my garage.  Red Wiggler worms are the quiet little critters that work 24/7 recycling our kitchen waste into fertilizer for our house plants and next year's garden.

The other item you will love is the Metro Grower!  This 6-gallon container simulates the way that nature feeds plants from beneath the surface and makes container gardening the success that you had always wished for.

More to follow as I gather photos and resource materials on these products.

Happy Gardening!


Thursday, August 25, 2016

First year. Bounty tomatoes!

Last fall I loaded this area up with about 48" of leaves.
 I just kept dragging in tarps filled with leaves and stomping them into place.  There is an existing trellis that I added 8' uprights to for additional anchor points while the vines grew.  Planted the Cherokee Tomatoes horizontally beneath the mulch/compost with just the growing tips exposed to become vines.

There is one BigBoy plant that I picked up from Rural King.  It struggled throuch half of the summer probably due to being stunted by cold nights sitting outdoors in the parking lot at Rural King.  It's finally yielding small tomatoes.

The Cherokee Purples were from the farm market.  I put off planting until Mothers Day and the wait was well rewarded.  These plants took off from day one.  By the first of August the pruned vines were above the 8' stakes that I had added.  I guided the tops to gwor sideways so I could reach them.

We have harvested at least 50 fruits from 5 plants, and there are at least that many still on the vine.  Last week I cut all of the growing vines to move energy into the existing fruit.  This might be a couple weeks early in the season to do, but we are leaving on a vacation in 14 days.

What's the source of the success?   Do a google search, or read further in my blog to learn about the Lasagna Garden concept.  Layers of compostables including clippings, leaves, straw, compost to build a terrific layer of nutrition... not to be confused with black dirt.  The origins of the black soil of Iowa and the midwest may be similar, but this is a growing bed created within the last few months that can't be beat for gardening.

ThenI also put worm castings over each planting when started.  added at least one more cup to each during the summer.   I added Aggrand fertilizer twice.  Tead below for info on this Organic product.

From then on it was just a matter of cutting back the side shoots so the plants only knew about extending the main vine and setting fruit.
This fall I am going to add a cold frame so my garden can begins at least 45 days earlier.  Maybe add a lettuce fall crop.

Happy Gardening, and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Holy Tomatoes!

 July 9th.  Tomatoes looking great!  Some variance plant to plant in the quantity of blossoms and plant height but all looking nice.

Cherokee Purple tomatoes are all but one of the plants.  Planted on Mothers Day with seedlings from farmers market in Carbondale.  No color as yet.  Recent rains seem to be keeping things supported.  I watered one day about two weeks ago.

Every two weeks I am using AGGRAND organic fertilizer mixed 4 oz to large watering can, about 1.5 gallons of water.  Each plant gets about a quart.  Added fresh worm castings below the mulch last week.

This was June 26th:That second plant is past the 5' mark.  Next photo is today and the plant is over 6'.  26 tomatoes counted today and many more blossoms are there.

 Today, same shot.  The white stuff on the garden is newspaper shreds.  The vines in the back are two cantalope and two squash.  There are blossoms but no fruit yet.These were from Rural King and planted about 4 weeks ago.

The white sheet is covering herbs seeded a couple weeks ago.  Not much going on there yet.

Here's a shot of the largest of our roses.  Just over 3' tall, and all but one of the stems is new growth.  Between steady pruning this spring and plenty of AGGRAND fertilizer and composting, the buds are coming out by the dozen.

Details on the fertilizer products at www.CompostCritter.com

Stay green!


Wednesday, June 29, 2016


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